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The Collaborative 2014 Holiday Card – 2015 SMPS Marketing Communications Awards 3rd place Winner in the Holiday Piece category

The Collaborative Award winning 2014 Holiday Card

The main goal of The Collaborative’s Holiday Card is to provide the recipient with various pieces and little instruction for them to build their own holiday message. Strategic design parameters include the following: festive with a culturally-neutral theme, ship flat at standard first-class rate, include names of all employees of The Collaborative, provide all necessary parts with assembly instructions and have a quality look and feel to encourage long shelf life. As a representation of the entire firm, the Holiday Card design process begins with an open lunch for all employees to contribute ideas. I then led the effort to create options that met the firm’s goals and reflected the ideas of my colleagues. Paper selection and choosing the right printing method to stay within budget were all integral pieces to this project but with the help of the marketing team, we were able to put together this award winning card.

SMPS Award board for The Collaborative's Award winning 2014 Holiday Card



The Collaborative's 3 keys master planning brochure

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