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vector illustration

M.e. puff design was commissioned by Black Swamp Conservancy to create the art piece for their annual fundraiser to be held in the spring of 2018. In past years the artwork has featured animals sometimes representing the band that would be playing at the event. This year artwork was created that depicts the swamp restoration work that Black Swamp is doing in and around Northwest Ohio. The artwork shows the characteristics of the waterways that are restored along with the grasses, dead materials and trees that are planted to recreate this habitat. A vernal pool and an oxbow were also added to give the viewer even more insight into the process

The main direction for this piece was to create a main piece of art/appealing graphic that would dominate the poster and attract potential talent to the firm. The graphic on the poster was inspired by Le Corbusier Ronchamp. The combination of the geometric pattern from this inspiration along with the topographic line art from both of The Collaborative’s office locations in Toledo & Ann Arbor creates this bold graphic. This along with a simple color scheme and message makes the poster stand out in the crowd.

ink illustration

Black Swamp Conservancy’s photo exhibit at Secor MetroPark in Sylvania, Ohio lead to the need for an updated and higher quality map of the Historic Great Black Swamp. Black Swamp Conservancy hired m.e. puff design to create a hand-drawn map with a historic look. It was important to clearly and accurately represent the area while communicating the different features in a clear and visually appealing manner. Along with these locational characteristics, it was key to show a combination of animals that used to be in the area along with ones that are still found within the boundaries. A black and white file of the map artwork was provided along with variations showing the art on a few historic looking backgrounds such as the examples to the left.

computer illustration

While working as an in-house designer and brand manager at Owens Corning, I created a concept using computer illustration for a front and back cover for AttiCat Blown-in Insulation.

acrylic illustration

I illustrated a group of 3 coffee labels with content to describe the type of copy, i.e. roasted coconut.

pencil illustration