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holiday cards

The main goal of The Collaborative’s Holiday Card is to provide the recipient with various pieces and little instruction for them to build their own holiday message. Strategic design parameters include the following: festive with a culturally-neutral theme, ship flat, include names of all employees of The Collaborative, provide all necessary parts with assembly instructions and have a quality look and feel to encourage long shelf life. As a representation of the entire firm, the Holiday Card design process begins with an open lunch for all employees to contribute ideas. I then led the effort to create options that met the firm’s goals and reflected the ideas of the staff. Materials selection, cost of postage and choosing the right printing method to stay within budget were all integral pieces to putting together this card.

This card used a custom shape and 2 different types of paper. The reflective paper became our “wow” stock while metallic inks were used on a coated paper to create the other pieces to bring together this beautiful card. Everyone was encouraged to take a picture and send this photo back to The Collaborative to showcase all of the different ways our recipient could put together this card.

The Collaborative 2014 Holiday Card – 2015 SMPS Marketing Communications Awards 3rd place Winner in the Holiday Piece category. Below you can see the award board that I created for the ceremony.

SMPS Award board for The Collaborative's Award winning 2014 Holiday Card

The Collaborative’s 2015 Holiday Card was unexpected when it arrived. Usually the recipient is met with multiple items that they need to combine to create the card. This year all that was in the envelope was a flat sheet of card stock. It was then necessary to take apart the card before then rebuilding it into a 3D object.

The Collaborative 2016 Holiday Card became a New Year card to announce the moving to their new office space.

The base of this card was made from corrugated cardboard to give a natural look as well provide a base for the pins to be inserted. The recipient was then instructed to use the pins and colored thread to spell out two messages: “hope” & “JOY”.


This book communicates the many services that The Collaborative offers while showcasing the projects that The Collaborative has created.

These notepads were created for a leave behind at conferences. They contain pictures of the partners in the firm along with some short conversation starters to give the recipient a clue to the personality of the firm.

The Collaborative's 3 keys master planning brochure


conference materials



The graphic on the poster was inspired by Le Corbusier Ronchamp. I combined the geometric pattern from his art with the topographic line art from both of The Collaborative’s office locations in Toledo & Ann Arbor. This along with a simple color scheme and message makes the poster stand out in the crowd.

place branding